Chaos and Coffee

Two things that you can count on in our house – chaos and coffee. There are probably a few other things you can add to that list, such as legos hiding somewhere I’m sure to step on them in the dark, laundry (either clean or dirty) in a pile somewhere, sports gear in the living room, tv room, hallway or somewhere else it doesn’t belong, and a pet wanting something. None of those made the blog title sound as catchy though, and technically all those things are part of the chaos anyway.

My two boys are my son, affectionately known as “The Wildman”, and my husband of nearly 17 years, Kevin. Wildman is in the first grade, almost 7, and all boy. My husband is in his early 40’s, in college, and all boy. Kev is the first to admit he’s the biggest kid of them all and I certainly won’t argue that. There are lots of things I’ll argue with him, but that’s not one of them. Me, I’m the mom, in my late 30’s. I’m the practical one, the one that tries to keep things moving along in a somewhat logical manner and somewhat on time.

As I alluded to in the first post, our schedule is nuts. Not just a little crazy; but full-blown insanity. The reason? Between Kev and I we have 4 paying jobs, 4 volunteer positions, Kev in college and of course, a kid who is also involved in things. Add to that all the normal family things: house to clean, bills to pay, pets to tend to (and mine seem to be particularly needy), homework, grocery shopping…ok, I have to stop before I make myself want to go back to bed and crawl under the covers never to reappear. I’m sure you get the picture anyway. We’re busy.

So why did I add to the insanity by starting a blog? Because I’m a glutton for punishment? Well, maybe. But mostly because I find it fascinating that we actually get through a life so full, and because Kev and Wildman usually do something pretty humorous that I’ll want to share. It scares me a little that Kev is already referring to things he does as “blog-worthy” but he IS a big goof ball, so I’m sure many things he does will end up here.

Now that the intros are all done, I expect the upcoming posts will deal with our days as they unfold. Details about how we live and die by our online calendar, our intricately scheduled life that inevitability gets disrupted by snow days, illness and unexpected meetings and projects, as well as the goofy things my boys do. I hope you’ll come back to see how things are going.

For now, I’m going to enjoy an hour or so of time with the Wildman while Kev sleeps. Because once I wake him up, the chaos will begin again. Guess I better make some more coffee.


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