Snowy days and Sick days always get me down

A 34 year old movie is my 6 yr old's favorite

I’m pretty sure I jinxed my child this week. I started thinking earlier in the week about what I would blog about and the topic I came up with was how nothing messes with a tightly packed schedule worse than snow days and sick days. I thought about it after I suffered from a terrible headache last Saturday that laid me up for a good 3 hours.  They were also calling for snow this week, so it was a timely message.

I know I haven’t gotten into the details of our crazy schedule yet. We have things very well coordinated in order to make sure we’re always where we need to be, when we need to be there. We live in the suburbs of Nashville, and we do a lot of traveling back and forth in to town and out. Kevin and I have lived here since we got married nearly 17 years ago, but all of our family is out of state, so when things come up and we need to suddenly shift our schedule, we don’t have the benefit of grandparents or other relatives to help up. Fortunately, we have formed a family with some great friends here who help us out as much as possible.

This week became a perfect example of that. Monday and Tuesday went along fine. Wildman went to school here in the neighborhood, I went to work in downtown Nashville, and Kev went to class and work also in Nashville. Early Wednesday morning – while Kevin was working 3rd shift at the airport – the snow started. It doesn’t take much snow to close schools in the Metro Nashville school district, since it covers over 500 square miles and some areas are somewhat rural. So Wednesday was a snow day. Given that Kev works 3rd shift 4 nights a week, he needs to sleep at least a little after he gets home at 6:30 am. So even though he didn’t have school or work on Wednesday a snow day would mean he didn’t get to sleep at all.

Luckily our neighbor and friend – I think of her as my big sis and Wildman calls her his Aunt – was off on Wednesday and she volunteered to keep the little guy until his dad could get in a little sleep. The roads cleared and school was back in session on Thursday but my Wildman woke up with a fever. Now when Wildman gets a fever he rarely has any other symptoms. As my pediatrician has told me, his immune system does exactly what it is supposed to – fights off whatever is trying to make him sick. So we call them his mystery fevers because we almost never know what’s causing them. They last a few days and then he’s fine. This is the case again this time. So we break out the pain relievers and wait for the fever to break. Tante – Dutch for “Aunt” and what Wildman calls our neighbor – was off work again on Thursday and she graciously volunteered to keep the boy so Kev could go to class and work at school. Thursday evening he was still feeling bad so that means missing Cub Scouts and staying home from school again on Friday.

Friday Daddy had to stay home with the boy. Normally he would be a teaching assistant in a class at the college and work as well on Fridays, but knowing I have been crazy busy at work this week he offered to stay home.

Now it’s Saturday, and Wildman’s fever still isn’t completely gone. Today he misses his basketball game and we had to cancel a sleepover with my godson JM, but as least I can stay home with him. We’re gonna cuddle up on the couch and watch Star Wars and then the NHL All-Star Super Skills competition. I hope his fever breaks today, or else we miss hockey practice tomorrow. And I can’t even start to think about what a trip to the doctor would do to Monday’s schedule.


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