Wait…What day is it?

Our schedule during a normal week is nuts. This past week and weekend have been anything normal, even by our standards. We have been going non-stop since – well, since forever – and it’s gotten to the point that I really don’t know what day it is. I spent all day today thinking it was Wednesday already, but in fact it’s only Tuesday. This is good in that I’ve still got a lot to get done this week, it’s bad in that it means there’s one more day in the week than my mind and body thinks there should be.

Things started getting a little out of hand last week. Yet again, for the 9th and 10th times this year, school was out for snow. This has been such an unusual winter here in Middle Tennessee, and the kids have only managed to have one or two complete weeks of school since before Christmas break. So my Wildman had a short week, but I sure didn’t. In fact, since it started snowing at 3 pm on Wednesday and I didn’t leave work until 5 pm that day and didn’t get home until almost 8pm after a harrowing drive, it seemed quite a bit longer than usual.

The weekend was anything but restful. Saturday morning Wildman had a hockey game at 8:10. We usually try to get to the rink about 40 minutes before he’s supposed to be on the ice, so that means getting to the rink by 7:30. Oh and this is an inter-league game and we weren’t the home team, so it was a 40 minute drive to the rink instead of the usual 20 minutes. So I was awake earlier than I am during the week getting a sleepy little boy ready for a hockey game. It was even worse for Kev. He got home from the night shift and didn’t even get to go to bed. He had about 20 minutes to get himself ready to coach and to get all the gear together and packed in the truck.

The games went well and we were back home a little after 10am after grabbing some fast food breakfast. Kev went to bed and I tried to get Wildman to go to sleep so I could catch a little nap, but that wasn’t to be. We did take it easy for a little while. That is until it was time to get ready for basketball. We had not one but two basketball games this Saturday, one at 3m and the second at 5pm. Needless to say, both Coach Dad and Wildman were very tired boys after 3 games in two sports in the same day. Lucky for us, Tante offered to make dinner. Wildman was almost too tired to eat but he got a little nourishment is him before finally crashing.

Sunday was almost as bad. Wildman and I did take it slow that morning, but then there was a trip to the store to get supplies for a school project, a quick lunch and then making sure Daddy was up and awake and again getting ready for hockey practice. After practice was a trip to the grocery store, and since it was such a nice day Kevin fired up the grill while I helped Wildman get started on his project.

Monday brought another week, homework for Wildman, finishing the project, and making dinner. Kev had classes during the day and a meeting after class for yet another activity he’s volunteered for. That man really needs to learn to say no. Need someone to teach a photography class? Just ask, he’ll end up saying yes. Need a youth sports coach? Sure, why not. His heart is as big as anything – I think maybe his brain is just a little too small. (Yes he reads this. He knows I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. The boys bought me some wonderful locally made chocolate that I absolutely adore. Kev and I might try to find a date to go out to dinner sometime this month, but I won’t hold my breath. Tonight is his night to sleep for a couple hours in the evening to prepare  for going back to work nights after a couple days off. Tomorrow night the hockey team has a special session for the young players with members of the Nashville Predators team. Thursday night is the Pinewood Derby for the Cub Scouts. Friday night will be basketball practice and Saturday my non-weekend has more shopping, sports and who knows what else to keep me going non-stop.

Oh wait, that’s right, Kev is coaching another hockey clinic on Saturday…sigh. One day, I might have an actual day off. I just don’t know when that might be.


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