Lightsabers, chocolate and hockey – Oh my!

Wow, has it really been almost a month since I’ve posted a blog? I know I thought about blogging since then, and I’m pretty sure I even started a blog or two since then. Oh well, no since dwelling on the past. I’ll just keep moving forward and vow to do better in the future.

We had a pretty crazy run there for a month or so: vacation, birthday, Cub Scout camping. Last weekend was the first weekend since sometime last fall we didn’t have a single thing planned. We spent a rainy Saturday having a Star Wars marathon, watching the first four episodes back to back. I went the first 37 years of my life without seeing a Star Wars movie in its entirety, but now I can tell you all about Luke and Leia’s parents and how Darth Vader came to be. Our house is full of Star Wars stuff, from little boy underwear and pajamas to movies to any kind of toy imaginable. Wildman’s birthday was April 1st and he had a Star Wars birthday party. He’s probably more than a little obsessed, but I figure it’s okay for now. As long as he’s not still sitting in my tv room watching all the Star Wars movies in his Star Wars undies and jammies 30 years from now, it’s probably not an issue.

Speaking of obsessed, this is the time of year that I become even more obsessed with hockey than I am the rest of the year. Yes, it’s the playoffs.  And since I’m really a hockey fan and not just a Predators’ fan, I try to watch every game no matter who is playing. Fortunately, my Preds are playing and playing pretty well. Unfortunately,  they are playing the Anaheim Ducks in the first round which means half the games in the series are on the West coast. That makes for some late nights and as crazy busy as I’ve been at work the last few weeks, those are some really long days. But my obsession is worth it. There’s nothing better in sports than the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It is also Spring hockey season for the Wildman. He’s moved up a division now to Mites and for Spring hockey he’s a goalie full time. He’s getting better every time he’s on the ice – which is twice a week now, Wednesday and Friday evenings. I’m liking this new schedule because it doesn’t eat up a day on the weekend. I’m becoming very protective of my weekends if for no reason other than so I can be lazy for a day. Today I wasn’t totally lazy – I’ve done something like 5 loads of laundry (how do 3 people make so much dirty laundry?), been to the grocery store, and of course prepared for Easter. I forgot about Easter until last Sunday, and then couldn’t do anything about it until Wednesday evening. Tonight we colored eggs and the Easter Bunny will hide them and a big basket. So far there are 4 baskets for the child with the contributions from my family. That’s a lot of Easter baskets. Shouldn’t there be some kind of limit as to how many Easter baskets a child gets? Apparently there isn’t. I do have to say that at least the Wildman is good about rationing his candy and won’t try to eat it all in the next day or so.

On that note, I better end this and get to bed. The late night game is over and I’m sure there will be an anxious little boy awake very early in the morning ready to look for colored eggs and sugary treasures hidden in the house. He’ll be almost as excited about hidden eggs as the cat. I’m pretty sure the cat thinks they are really hidden for him.

Happy Easter!


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