And…We’re Off!!

It’s amazing how quickly our lives went from fairly relaxed and manageable to completely insane once again. One week we were hanging out, enjoying our evenings at home after days of Kev and the Wildman working or playing around the house, and the next week all *heck* is breaking lose. I think I may even have gone a couple of days without looking at our Google calendar there for a bit.

Well the lazy days of summer are officially over and we’re off to the races once again. Wildman started 2nd grade a little over a week ago at a new school. There wasn’t anything wrong with his old school, but our school district offeres some “magnet” school choices and we decided to give him a little different school experience. One of the newer magnet schools in the district is a Museum themed curriculum that partners with the variety of museums and institutions here in town to offer the kids a more hands-on, project based experience. As an added bonus, the school is within minutes of both the college where Kev spends the majority of his waking daylight hours and my office downtown. I feel better having him closer to me  during the day, and it makes it easier to get him after school.

The drawback to him going to school where he does is that it’s a longer drive to get to school in the morning. When he was at the neighborhood school, we left the house and within 7 minutes we were at school. Now we have to take into consideration traffic and leave much earlier. I won’t say we’ve got the morning routine worked out quite yet. Sure we’ve gotten him there on time every day so far, but it has dissolved into slight chaos a couple of times. I’m hoping that will smooth out with a few more runs.

Over the summer Kev picked up additional responsibilities and a few more hours at his job at the college. This really isn’t too bad and between the days he works and his classes he’s able to take Wildman to school 4 days a week. What did get a little screwy is his class schedule. When he registered for classes it was all carefully worked out to fit within the insanity of our lives. Now, both of his classes were rescheduled. Without going into the minutia of it, lets just say that Kev is going to be lucky he doesn’t collapse from exhaustion at some point before this semester is over.

To make matters even worse, Wildman’s hockey schedule this fall will be way more time intensive than in the past. He’s moving up a into a competitive division and so he’ll have practice once or twice a week in the evenings (it varies every other week) and games on Saturdays. Add this to Scouts during the week, and our evenings are pretty much full.

As for me, I’ve taken on the role of Den Leader for Wildman’s Scout den and it’s a role I am thoroughly excited about. I grew up in Girl Scouts and was very active, and I credit Scouts with much of what I learned and experienced as a girl. It helped that I had a dedicated and enthusiastic troop leader, who also happened to be my mom. I want to live up to the example she set for the girls in her troop, so I’m jumping right into Boy Scouts. This coming weekend I’m going to the first of a two-part leadership training  program to really immerse myself into the culture of Boy Scouts. I know a lot about Girl Scouts but not so much about Boy Scouts. I’ve got some catching up to do.

So that’s where we were now in a nutshell. Yesterday Wildman and I spent the day running errands all over the place. I think we were technically in 3 different towns  and 2 counties. Then we had a great dinner with fresh veggies from the farmer’s co-op (Fresh Harvest – if you’re in Nashville you have to check them out) and the company of our neighbors. Today, I’m taking Wildman with me to go purchase some school clothes for underprivileged kids using funds provided by the charity arm of my employer. This is one of the reasons I love where I work – we continually strive to give back to the surrounding community. Then I’ll start packing for my Scout adventure next weekend.

Because with our busy schedule, who knows if I’ll have another chance to get anything done this week.



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