Not just another list

Kev makes fun of me and my lists. As busy as we are – always going in so many different directions – I make lists for everything. I made to-do lists for my week in general. I have lists at work, grocery lists, meal lists, household needs lists, chores lists, projects lists. I have notebooks for lists, notepads, appson my phone and the computer.

One list I have never made is the so-called “bucket list,” or a list of things I want to do/see/accomplish in life. I’ve thought about some things that would be nice to do and even things I really want to do, but I’ve never put them down in a list. Earlier this week I read a tweet about 100 things to do before you die and I started thinking about all the things it would be nice to do in my lifetime and I wondered why I had never made one of these lists. One reason is because I have to live each day one day at a time – there is so much going on and I don’t have time to look too far ahead. And I also came to the conclusion that it is probably because I don’t want to disappoint myself – with a family and all of my obligations, I really don’t want make a list of things that I’ll never be able to accomplish that I will someday look back at and wonder why I didn’t try to do something.

But the more I thought about it I decided that I could make this list. I made myself some guidelines – nothing too crazy that there is no way I’ll ever be able to do it. Yet some are still pretty ambitious – I did want to challenge myself. If it is just a bunch of things that I’ll end up doing in the course of my life anyway, then it probably isn’t “listworthy.” I debated on if I was going to share the list with anyone. If I didn’t then no one would know if I accomplished them or not. That could be good or bad. In the end I decided I needed to share them. This makes me somewhat accountable to at least attempt to make something happen.

So my criteria were that my list items needed to be something that had meaning to me, or something I’ve thought about numerous times in my life. I didn’t make things up just to put on the list. I didn’t want to have a specific number of things on my list either. I really could have put one thing on the list that if I accomplished it I would feel very fulfilled. And the things on my list couldn’t be dependent on someone else. The only person I want to have to rely on is myself. That’s not to say I don’t want to experience some of these things with my loved ones, but they just aren’t dependent on that.

So here’s my list, in no specific order:

Attend a major sporting event – This could be the Olympics, a Stanley Cup final, An NHL Winter Classic, a World Jr. Hockey tournament, the Frozen Four or even the Super Bowl or a college bowl game.

Hike the Appalachian Trail – I want to hike the entire thing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a thru hike (from one end to the other in a continuous trip), but I want to have set foot on all 2,180 miles of it, passing through all 14 states it travels.

Brew my own beer.

Eat foods with place names in those places – for example, Philly Cheesesteak in Philly, NY Cheesecake in NY. I’ve already had Cincinnati Style (Skyline!) Chili in Cincy and Chicago-style deep dish pizza in Chicago.

Learn and speak another language – I took Latin in high school and Greek in college so I’ve never learned a spoken language.

Take a trip on a train – This means other than around an amusement park.

Live by the ocean.

Climb a volcano.

Play golf – I have clubs but I’ve never played.

Go to Scotland and England – I want to see where my ancesters are from.

Own a convertible.

Attend Boy Scout training at Philmont.

Some seem pretty mundane, but they are things I never seem to be able to get around to doing. Some are more ambitious. I think they are all doable.

What things are on your to-do list?


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