How can you lose a week?

back to work...

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last wrote. I have such good intentions of keeping up to date this year so this is really disappointing to me. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost at least a week of my life somewhere, though. I’m looking at the calendar thinking “how on earth is January more than half over? Wasn’t it just Christmas last week?”

I guess that’s what happens when we go from the somewhat more relaxed days of the winter break to back at it full swing. Now I know some of you are thinking “Are you insane? There’s nothing relaxed about the holidays!” And for many people I know that’s true. For us though, it’s actually not too bad. In a way, we are forced to have a more laid-back holiday. Due to our crazy work schedules, we aren’t able to travel home to be with our families for Christmas. While that certainly stinks and we really miss spending time with our loved ones, it also makes for a nice, quiet time for our little family to be together. We don’t have to run from one place to another for days to attend many holiday gatherings. We had two Christmas celebrations with our “Tennessee families” but they were spread out. Christmas day was at our own pace, although still not ideal since Kev came home for working the night shift, we opened gifts and then he went to bed for a few hours. We went to spend Christmas day evening with our godchildren and their family, which is the next best place to be when we can’t go home. So despite the fact we weren’t able to travel we had a lovely holiday.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and we’re back to our usual, crazy hectic schedule. Wildman is back to school, scouts and hockey (which is sometimes three times a week) and Kev is back to working at the college and attending class along with working nights. On top of all that sometime within the first two weeks of January the biggest project of the year that I am personally involved in at work comes up. In my position, I usually just make sure others hit their deadlines, but I’m not personally responsible for the actual work. I’m a facilitator, but not the doer. Once a year, that all changes. There’s a big project that a small team of us has to make happen in a short amount of time and no matter how well we plan ahead, it’s always a dash to the finish to get it done. That week this year was last week.

To say it was hectic would be an understatement. I honestly don’t really remember 2 of the days last week at all. And while I’m working on this project, I have to let my day-to-day work be covered by someone else. That means on Friday when the project was done and turned in I had to come back to my desk and sort through everything as if I’d been gone for a week on vacation – the difference though, is on vacation I’d usually be keeping up with email, and I hadn’t even done that for days. I was completely out of the loop on most the work the team was doing.

So I guess I can see where I’d have lost a week. It’s that, or maybe because I discovered Pinterest

Hopefully I can keep track of my days better from now on. I really don’t need to be losing any time when I don’t have enough of it as it is.


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