Daydream believer

[I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day so I thought I would share. You’re welcome.]

So far this week I’ve been in full-on daydream mode. Every time my mind isn’t occupied with something I have to be working on at that moment it is wandering off to somewhere else. Maybe it’s the grey, dreary weather here in Middle Tennessee that is making me long for a sunny spot. Maybe it’s the chaos and uncertainty in our lives right now that’s drawing me to a calm, relaxing place. Or maybe I’m just bored. Whatever the case, I keep going to the beach in my mind.

And not just any beach, mind you. It’s going to Holden Beach, NC. This is a lovely, quiet, family-oriented, non-commercial island just south of Wilmington and just north of Myrtle Beach.  We have vacationed there many times with my husband’s family, although it’s been a few years since we were last there. The first time I set eyes on the place I fell in love. There are no hotels or motels on the island, just beach houses, a small grocery store, and a few other little shops and businesses and rental offices. The beach is never full and the sand is soft and clean. As a bonus, the people are friendly and the seafood is delicious.

After our first vacation there, I knew I wanted to live there someday. I’m sure everyone who vacations at the beach thinks that, too, but I’m serious. There is something about the sand and the sea that speaks to me. Watching and hearing the ocean calms me like nothing else. Sitting on a porch with a glass of wine while seeing the sun set on the ocean is just about as close to paradise as I’ve ever experienced. So I’ve decided that one day, somehow, I will live on the ocean.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Holden Beach, although that is my preference. And I don’t have to have a big fancy house. One the contrary, I think simpler would be better. I love one of the beach houses we rented years ago, the Carolina Sun. This house isn’t right on the beach like my dream house will be, but it has enough room to live in but isn’t so big it would be a hassle. And it is charming. Move this house across the street to the oceanfront, and I’d be sold.

The Carolina Sun, a charming beach home

I’m serious about all this, too. One day I will live where this is my view every afternoon:

I don’t exactly know how I’ll do it yet, but I will. That’s why I’m a daydream believer.

Now off to try to be productive…


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