Blog often

I’ve been woefully negligent in posting lately, and I’m sure there’s more than a little irony in the idea that I’m too busy to write my blog about how busy I am. But I while I was searching for what I know is going to be a rockin’ potato salad recipe on one of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman, I came across a blog that the author wrote about blogging. Now, the Wildman and I just love The Pioneer Woman, or PW, or Ree (because that’s actually her name.) We watch her on tv and I read her blog when I get a chance. I love her sense of humor and that she’s not afraid to share her less than perfect moments as well as all the wonderful things she’s successful at. I also love her photography, and being a bit of a photo snob as I am, I don’t always say that. And she has great taste in movies. Wildman wants to go live on the ranch with her and her family, and I think I’d love to hang out and chat with her.

But I’m really off the point now, which was that I came across a great blog entry of hers that deals with writing a blog. #2 on her list is “Blog Often”, which we all know I don’t really do. But I want to. This blog is my way of sharing with my friends, family and anyone else who happens along a little insight into our daily life. Some days it’s kinda boring, but some days it’s wonderfully funny. I want to share that, and share it more often.

So I’m going to be less picky about having the “perfect” story to tell or worrying about having a “long enough” post. I’m just going to get it out there when I can, if I have 10 minutes on my lunch break or hours in the evening (yeah, right, like I’d have hours to work on anything!) I’ll put something down and share it.

I hope you’re all ok with that. 


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