Cleanly inspired

I write my best blog posts in the shower. Well, I don’t “write” them in the shower, which is actually part of the problem. Whilst I’m pampering my skin, exfoliating and moisturizing in all the appropriate areas (or hurriedly running a cheap shower scubby thing over myself which I may or may not have remembered to put shower gel on, which is, you know, the same thing) I often come up with brilliantly clever and witty stories that I’m sure will stop all of my readers in their tracks and make then want to share my words with the world and sing my praises to anyone who will listen. Or perhaps retweet or share it on Facebook. Or even just enjoy a little snicker to themselves while reading.

(Side note – the third sentence in the above paragraph may possibly be the longest sentence I’ve ever written.Ever.)

Anyway, I have these charming tales all laid out in my head during the solitude of my shower. I think about how great it will be when I have a minute to sit down and get the words out for all to read. But then it happens. I know you’re anxiously awaiting to know what it is that could force my mind to lose sight of the creative masterpiece I had recently created, so I won’t keep you in suspense. The “it” that happens is real life. Yes, no sooner than I’ve stepped out of the shower, life starts happening. Usually, it’s the Wildman looking for something, or the dogs need to go out, or I can’t find the mate to the sock I wanted to wear. Once I’ve turned in my towel for real clothes, the day has begun. Lunches are packed, backpacks are filled and out the door we run.

Sometimes, I forget these inspired thoughts altogether. Other times, when I finally get a chance to try and write, the magic is gone and I know it isn’t going to be nearly as good as what I thought of previously. Then there was today, when I had a hilarious post going in my head the entire time I was showering, only to then be distracted by the idea of this blog. Which was even wittier when I was washing my hair.

So the moral of my story is that I need a way to directly transfer my thoughts from my brilliant mind onto the computer screen – or maybe I need a waterproof computer. Does anyone else have this problem –  inspiration at inconvenient times? What do you do? How to you “hold that thought” until you can get it down in type? If there is a secret, I’d love to know. Because otherwise, only my shower scrubby will ever know how masterful my mind truly is.


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